Andre Asbury

Kickback in Gatlinburg

This was my most fun hand of the Gatlinburg tournament. I was playing with MiniMeck and white vs. red, I picked up: T, Txxx, AJTx, AJxx. It’s 2 -X to me. Obviously, I bid 4, which is by agreement RKC Blackwood for hearts. LHO, who happened to be Barbara Heller, doubles, Matt redoubles, showing 0 or 3 keycards, pass and I bid 5. Hey, 6 could make opposite this if Matt happens to have AK and a minor suit K and a minor suit singleton, which is barely possible. Anyway, LHO, put to a guess about the proper level and denomination, opted for 6 with her Axxxx, A, x, QT9xxx, which was off 2.

Gatlinburg was, as it usually is for me, short and sweet with lots of bridge, beer, socializing, and driving crammed into a weekend.  MiniMeck, Arjun, Ricoh, and I managed a satisfying 8th in A/X in the Sunday Swiss, which was my only notable result in 2.5 days there.

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JuantomasDecember 19th, 2015 at 7:37 pm

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