Andre Asbury

Endplays 101

If I were to write a book on endplays, this one would certainly be one of the first hands I write about.

Dealer: North Vul: Both North  
West East
KTxxx Jx
KQ xx
xx JTxx
AJxx Qxxxx

I was declarer in 2H and got a low spade lead after west had overcalled 1S. The play is pretty straightforward and this is an easy endplay to execute. At trick two, you lead a heart, and at trick 3 lead another heart. West comes back with another spade and you cash the top diamonds to see if they break and allow you to pitch a spade loser, which they don’t. Now, you could lead up toward the club K for an extra trick, but you have an easy endplay by exiting with a spade. West is now in with the SK and has to concede a sluff-ruff or give you the CK. Either way, your club losers would be reduced to 1. I did modify the hand slightly from the actual layout when I played the hand last night, in which east has a heart honor and could spoil the endplay by shifting to a club.


HakimOctober 11th, 2015 at 8:22 pm

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