Andre Asbury

Quite an Uppercut

Today’s hand comes from a club game I played in with Sean on Sunday. We play canapé so the 1 opening showed hand limited to 15 hcp that is either single suited with diamonds or 2 suited with diamonds being the second best suit. It also denies holding exactly 4 in a major. The double is negative but only promises 3 in the unbid major. Personally, I would have opened the hand 2, which shows a single-suited hand with hearts and 8-11hcp but it fits the requirements for a 1 opening as well.

Dealer: E

Vul: NS

West East
 QT  6
 QT64  AJ8732
 765  JT83
 KQ63  A5
West North East South
    1 1
X 4 5 5
X Pass Pass Pass

Anyway, I bet I don’t have to write much for you to figure out what is interesting about this hand. I led the K, partner overtook and led back a . Upon playing a third round of clubs, Sean gets to ruff with his singleton 6. This forced declarer to use the K to overruff, and now my Q stood as the setting trick. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an uppercut with such a low spot card. Good thing I didn’t lead either of partner’s suits. That is all for today.

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